I believe that confusion is getting me nowhere, however at this moment I am in the state of confusion. The steps I plan to do to overcome this confusion are stay focus to my objectives, arrange questions (it may be difficult to just to map the questions), find the answers one at a time, keep doing what I plan to do, and…keep breathing.

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Accountability and Responsibility

What is exactly the meaning of accountability? Is accounting has the same meaning as responsibility? Which one is exactly the root of other? Is accountability part of responsiblity? Or is it the other way around? When I asked myself how far I understand these two terms, at first I quite confidence that I know how to define accountability and responsibility. However, even in the first attempt I failed to make a clear statement of what the definitions are. In my journey to define accountability, I found that different perspective, interest, understanding, and more other factors initiated different definition of accounting. At this time, the answers to my questions are still other questions. I have to make a decision about the foundation of how am I going to define accountability. Followed by, the process of exploring the relation between accountability and responsibility. So…go back to work..

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Practical Side of Deep Thoughts

Making philosophical thoughts into practical implementation for my research is going to be the next biggest challange. I have to fine something practical but at the same time able to produce valueable results. I am thinking about carbon trading or emissions trading. So, let’s dig in..and dig in deep into the rhetoric and the reality of carbon trading…emissions trading.

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Accountability for Sustainable Development

This is the path of my journey. The journey of my study and probably the biggest research in my whole life. At first, these “accountability for sustainable development” were just phrases my supervisor gave me, when I described what is my research interest. It turned out to be the beginning of the quest of the basic of my knowledge about accounting and it maybe straight to the heart of the essense of accounting. Something that I thought to be something I knew by heart, on the contrary I know very little about it, and it is about the concept of accountability.

In my early journey of figuring out and describing the concept of accountability and it is still happening, I am struggling with the search of accountability definition. Once again I realized that something that I thought easy and simple, could be the major question of my understanding about accounting. It is just the very beginning of my journey.

My short term objective is to obtain a better understanding of the concept of accountability, to explain how this concept can create a strong, at least better sustainable development, to make all the concepts and the philosophy practical for my research, and to write all of works. Hopefully, I will finish my proposal in summer.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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